A Top 100 Prospects Update

Updating the Top 100 Baseball Prospects

[ad_1] Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports We’re about a month and a half into the minor league season, a reasonable time for a Top 100 update, albeit one with a relatively light touch. The purpose of this update is to pluck the low-hanging fruit, to polish and reshape the list rather than tear down the one…

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Max Fried Has Been Unhittable Lately

Max Fried Dominant on the Mound in Recent Outings

[ad_1] Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports On Saturday at Citi Field, Max Fried was unhittable. For seven innings, the 30-year-old lefty baffled the Mets, surviving a handful of hard-hit balls, including two that would have been home runs in several other ballparks. But because he walked three batters, went to a three-ball count against five others,…

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