Kristaps Porzingis dispels notion of wanting own team

Kristaps Porzingis dispels notion of wanting own team

Photo: Boston Celtics/X

Kristaps Porzingis, newly traded to the Celtics, refutes claims that he desired to lead a team on his own.

The narrative surrounding Porzingis’s alleged preference for a solo leadership role is dismissed by the former Knicks star, who labels it as a falsely pushed storyline.

“I never felt that way because today’s league is — other than [Denver Nuggets center Nikola] Jokic and [Philadelphia 76ers center Joel] Embiid, it’s a guard league,” Porzingis said, per Kristian Winfield of New York Daily News.

“It’s mostly guards and small forwards. So I knew that if I want to win, you’re going to have to play with somebody. And it was never an issue for me.”

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