Tecnifibre Razor Soft: A Detailed Review

Tecnifibre Razor Soft: A Detailed Review

One of the latest tennis strings on the market is Razor Soft from Tecnifibre, and the string found instant popularity when Daniil Medvedev switched to it, giving it high praise when asked about it during some of his press conferences.

According to Tecnifibre, Razor Soft gains its unique qualities from high-modulus polyester, a component also found in the original Razor Code.

This element provides significant control, allowing aggressive players to make bold strokes without overhitting, a feature favoured by players like Medvedev.

Enhanced with flexible polyurethane in its core, Razor Soft also offers improved comfort and pocketing compared to its predecessor.

In this detailed review, I will provide insights from my experience to help fellow players understand if this string could suit their game while detailing the exceptional comfort, premium feel, and the remarkable equilibrium it achieves between power and control, making it a top choice for many players.

Tecnifibre Razor Soft Specification

tecnifibre razor soft


  • Composition: Polyester string known for its co-poly construction (high modulus polyester, polyurethane additives, thermocore.
  • Gauge: I opted for the 1.25 mm gauge. It is also available in 1.20mm and 1.30mm.
  • Colour: The string comes in a sleek black colour (dark grey)
razor soft tecnifibre

Racket Setup For Testing

  • Tension: Strung at 20.5 – 20 kg with four knots
  • Frame: Yonex V-CORE 100 (2023), 300g unstrung, 318 complete kit, string pattern 16×19, length 687 mm, balance 325 mm.
  • Grip Size: #2
  • Head size: 100 inches.
  • Previous string on the frame: HighString Snap, StringLab Tournament strung at 20-19.5 kg

Tecnifibre Razor Soft Playest and Review

tecnifibre razor soft playtest

First Impressions

Tecnifibre Razor Soft tennis string boasts a timeless and practical look, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of rackets.

Its sleek black is a classic in tennis strings, exuding elegance and simplicity. When you see it strung up on your racket, it’s as if it’s meant to be there, effortlessly blending in and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

What I appreciate most about the black colour is its lack of distraction.

On the court, where focus and concentration are paramount, Razor Soft’s unobtrusive appearance allows you to keep your eyes on the ball without any unnecessary visual interference.

It doesn’t scream for attention as some brightly coloured strings might, and that subtlety is a critical factor in maintaining concentration during those crucial moments of a match.


One of the standout features of the Tecnifibre Razor Soft is how it expertly balances power and control.

During groundstrokes, I found that I could generate ample power when needed, yet the control was always there to rein in my shots.

The string’s inherent characteristics and the 1.25 mm gauge allowed me to hit with depth and accuracy.

This was particularly evident in my topspin forehands and backhand slices, where I could confidently shape the ball’s trajectory.

While it excels in control, the Razor Soft doesn’t sacrifice power. It offers a surprising pop off the strings when you put in the effort, making it versatile for various playing styles. I didn’t have to compromise on shot placement or power, which is a testament to its design.

Regarding my forehand groundstrokes, the Razor Soft left me pleasantly surprised. The string’s ability to harness power allowed me to unleash dynamic forehand winners quickly.

It was not just about hitting the ball hard; the control aspect ensured that my forehands consistently landed inside the lines. This combination of power and precision made my forehand a formidable weapon on the court, putting my opponent on the defensive.

The balance of power and control was equally beneficial for my backhand shots, especially my sliced backhand. With Razor Soft, I could execute delicate slices with accuracy and confidence.

The string’s responsiveness enabled me to impart wicked backspin, keeping the ball low and making it a challenging return for my opponent.

Touch Shots and Serves

What truly sets this string apart is its feel. Razor Soft offers a level of touch and feedback that’s often associated with natural gut strings.

It’s like having a direct connection to the ball. This exceptional feel allowed me to execute drop shots, volleys, and delicate slices.

Whether I needed to caress the ball over the net or impart spin for control, Razor Soft delivered.

When serving, the Razor Soft proved exceptionally versatile in accommodating various spin styles.

This string performed admirably on all types of serves, whether I needed to deliver a topspin kick, a slice, or a flat and fast serve.

The string’s inherent qualities allowed me to generate significant pace on my serves, adding an extra element of challenge for the returner.

What truly stood out was the precision and accuracy it offered. I could confidently place the ball exactly where I wanted it in the service box, consistently hitting my target spots.

This level of control allowed me to dictate points right from the first serve, ensuring that I maintained the upper hand in my service games.


From the moment I uncoiled the Razor Soft and felt its texture, I knew this string was something special. It’s incredibly soft to the touch, and this comfort translates directly to the court.

Once on the court, the Razor Soft shined in the comfort department. Even during long rallies and intense matches, I experienced minimal shock and vibration transferred to my arm. This aspect dramatically contributes to injury prevention and overall playing comfort, making it an excellent choice for those prone to arm issues.


During my testing, the Tecnifibre Razor Soft demonstrated admirable durability. The string maintained its tension well, and I didn’t notice significant tension loss even after a couple of hours of intense play.

While some polyester strings tend to lose tension rapidly, the Razor Soft held up impressively, ensuring consistent performance.

Additionally, the string’s surface showed minimal signs of wear, which is a testament to its longevity. While it may not match the absolute durability of some thicker lines, it strikes a solid balance between playability and lifespan.

Tecnifibre Razor Soft vs Babolat RPM Blast

tecnifibre razor soft vs rpm blast

As mentioned above, Tecnifibre’s Razor Soft strikes an impressive balance between power and control, making it suitable for a broader range of players and playing styles.

This versatility allows players to confidently execute various shots, whether generating spin, placing the ball precisely, or hitting with flat and fast serves. In contrast, RPM Blast leans more towards a niche of spin-oriented players, potentially limiting its appeal to a broader audience.

Furthermore, Razor Soft provides a comfortable playing experience, reducing the risk of arm fatigue and discomfort during extended matches. Players looking for a string that delivers performance and prioritises their well-being on the court will find Razor Soft appealing.

In summary, while Babolat RPM Blast is undoubtedly a formidable string for spin enthusiasts, Tecnifibre Razor Soft’s versatility, balanced performance, and comfort make it a superior option for a broader range of players, ultimately offering a more well-rounded and enjoyable playing experience.

Tennis String Finder

tennis string finder

Are you looking for a new string to try in your racket? Use our easy-to-use tennis string finder tool. It lets you filter by string type, gauge, colour, price, stiffness and shape.

Who is Tecnifibre Razor Soft For?

tecnifibre razor soft closeup

Tecnifibre Razor Soft is a versatile, high-quality option that caters to a broad spectrum of players, making it an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced and even professional players.

This string is a standout for big hitters seeking to maintain the power in their shots while improving their precision. It can withstand the formidable power of aggressive shots while still delivering fast and precise balls.

What sets it apart is its unique capacity to provide this power without imposing undue strain on the player’s arm.

This is especially crucial for players who rely on their powerful groundstrokes and serves, ensuring they can maximise their performance without risking injury.

On the other hand, for players who value consistency and precision in their game, Tecnifibre Razor Soft excels in providing a great feel and spin potential.

It allows players to precisely and consistently place the ball where they desire without fearing losing control.

This level of accuracy is a boon for those who rely on precise shot placement, whether for pinpoint groundstrokes, delicate volleys, or spin-laden serves.

In essence, Tecnifibre Razor Soft is a string that bridges the gap between power and control, making it a superb choice for players looking to elevate their game to the next level, regardless of their playing style.


  • There is an exceptional balance between power and control for varied shots.
  • Superior comfort minimises shock and arm fatigue during intense play.
  • Durable and maintains tension well, providing consistent, long-lasting performance.


  • It is not as durable as some other poly alternatives.
  • High price point.
  • Lack of colour variety for players seeking aesthetic options.

Razor Soft has been one of my favourite strings to playtest to date, and if it were slightly cheaper, it would be my string of choice. Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments.

Power – 8

Control – 9

Comfort – 9

Touch / Feedback – 8.5

Spin – 8

Snapback – 8

Durability – 7.5

Tension Maintenance – 8



Players can look forward to comfortable, powerful, and controlled play with Tecnifibre’s Razor Soft tennis strings.


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