A Look Inside the Billionaire’s Many Properties

A Look Inside the Billionaire’s Many Properties

Shahid Khan is not only the successful owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars but is a very wealthy and successful business owner in many other ventures outside of the NFL.

Khan has been the owner of the Jaguars since 2012 when he purchased the franchise for $770 million. Since then, the franchise has almost tripled in value, and Khan has seen a hefty return on his investment.

With Khan having his hand in not only the NFL waters but many other successful business dealings, one could imagine just how lavish his homes must be. Let’s take a closer look at the owner and his houses.

Shahid Khan’s Homes

When you are a billionaire, you may have more than one property to your name. Such is the case for Khan as he owns three lavish properties.

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The first of the three is a family home which is located in Champaign, Ill.

shahid khan

Photo provided by Virtual Globe Trotting.

In addition to the large home in Champaign, Khan also owns an $8 million penthouse in the prestigious Park Tower, which is one of the largest buildings in Chicago and one of the most coveted properties for millionaires and billionaires in the area.

shahid khan

Photo provided by Suzanne Lovell Inc.

Khan’s third and final property is an $11.5 million penthouse in Naples, Fla., where one could assume he spends most of his time due to proximity to his football team.

shahid khan

Photo provided by Super Yacht Fan.

Khan bought the Florida property in 2014, and while it is stunning from the outside, the penthouse’s inside amenities include a pool/spa while the building itself provides 360-degree views adding to the charm and vantage points that one would hope to have with that price point.

While Khan has two of his three properties within the state of Illinois, his largest and most expensive property resides in the state where his football team plays, and it’s probably not a coincidence.

Much like the diversity Khan has with his business ventures, he adopts the same approach when it comes to his properties as well. Whether he views them all as comforts or potential money-making propositions is unknown, but either way, when you are a shrewd businessman such as Khan, you are only ever one move away from something lucrative anyway.

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