Canadiens May Make Trade, “Do What’s Best” for Cayden Primeau

Canadiens May Make Trade, “Do What’s Best” for Cayden Primeau

ESPN analyst Kevin Weekes dropped some interesting information as it pertains to the goaltending situation in Montreal. Speaking about Sam Montembeault’s new contract extension and the three-headed goalie dilemma the team now faces, a decision is coming. Specifically, Weekes believes that decision has to do with the future of Cayden Primeau. He wonders if Montreal either finds room, or does the right thing and moves him in a trade.

Noting that Jake Allen is a veteran who can still play very well, the team committed to Montembeault with this new extension. They expect him to take his game to the next level. Montembeault earned his new contract extension. But, the Habs now have three goalies and room for only two.

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Weekes points out that Primeau is waiver eligible. They don’t want to risk losing him for nothing and they either need to find a way to get him into the mix or move him. If they can’t include him in the conversation about being one of two goalies on the roster, Weekes argues:

“Perhaps do what’s best for the player and help facilitate a trade that benefits Montreal but also gives him the opportunity to play somewhere else in the NHL and play some minutes, because that’s where he is in his development cycle. He need more games. He’s only played five out of 24 this season.”

What Would a Trade Look Like for Primeau?

The issue for Montreal is that Primeau hasn’t necessarily played enough games to warrant a big return in a trade. At $890K, he’s an affordable option for a team, but clubs aren’t going to make a deal for him thinking he’ll be a solution come playoff time. There’s just no proof he can handle that kind of responsibility yet.

With only 26 games on his NHL resume, he’s a prospect for the future. Frankly, if it weren’t for waivers, the Canadiens would have sent him down. They might have to make a smaller deal, or include Primeau in a larger package. The return won’t be great. If the Habs don’t want to give him way, perhaps Allen is other alternative.

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