Patrick Beverley suspended for four games without pay following his actions in the season-ending defeat



Last week, Patrick Beverley was suspended for four games without pay by the NBA, starting next season, for his actions during the final game of Milwaukee’s Eastern Conference first-round elimination against Indiana. The veteran was captured on camera throwing a ball at the crowd.

The league announced the suspension last Thursday, citing that Beverley was suspended for “forcefully throwing a basketball multiple times at spectators and an inappropriate interaction with a reporter during media availability.”

The incident caught the attention of Indianapolis police, who confirmed they were investigating an “NBA player and citizen” situation that occurred during the game on May 2, although no names were mentioned.

The incident escalated when Beverley was seen throwing a ball at fans in the closing minutes of Milwaukee’s 120-98 loss in Game 6. Cameras captured him tossing the ball into the stands, hitting a fan in the head, and subsequently receiving another ball thrown back at him, which he then shot towards the same fan. Beverley later admitted his behavior was “inexcusable” in his podcast, vowing to do better.

Expressing his frustration with the fans in Indiana’s arena, Beverley mentioned that he would not bring a basketball on the bench anymore due to the incident affecting his focus. His coach Doc Rivers condemned the behavior, stating that it was not representative of the Bucks’ standards.

Draymond Green’s advice to Beverley

Draymond Green, known for his controversial on-court actions, advised Beverley to refrain from such behavior, pointing out the seriousness of engaging with the audience. Green highlighted the potential repercussions the incident could have with NBA officials and emphasized the importance of maintaining composure, especially after a playoff loss.

The Warriors forward jokingly commented on the incident, implying that players should handle criticism with humor and professionalism.